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m i c h a e l a   d e   b r u c e
a c t o r

Eye colour;
        blue grey
Hair colour:
       Golden Blonde/Copper (waist length)


(1997-1998) National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Arts, Christichurch New Zealand.
(1994-1996) Bachelor of Science, University of Auckland, NZ
(1989-1993) Drama classes and productions at Avondale College with Margaret Adams


(2000) DIRTY WEEKENDS The Muse and Daisy Chayne The Dolphin Theatre, Auckland, NZ (1999-2000) THIS IS IT Core Cast Inside Out Productions, Auckland, NZ
(1999) THE SNOW QUEEN Enchantress and Reindeer Waitemata Theatre, Auckland, NZ
(1999) THEN THERE WERE TWELVE Prostitute and Dancer Waitemata Theatre, Auckland, NZ
(1999) PIONEERING PETTICOATS Helen Buxton Waitemata Theatre, Auckland, NZ
(1999) STEEL MAGNOLIAS Shelby Eatenton/LatcherieWaitemata Theatre, Auckland, NZ,
(1998) STRIKE UP THE BAND, Mrs Draper, Music Centre Christchurch, NZ
(1998) JANE EYRE, Miss Scratcherd, University Theatre, Chistchurch Arts Centre, NZ
(1998)THE APPLE TREE, Nadjira/Eve, The Christchurch Music Centre, Christchurch, NZ
(1996) PUS N BOOTS, Lord Snoozle, Glen Eden Playhouse Auckland, NZ
(1996) LES MISERABLES in Concert, Pump House Theatre, Auckland NZ
(1996) TRIAL BY JURY, A Bridesmaid, Young Friends of Opera New Zealand, Maidment Theatre,Auckland, NZ


(1995)Featured Extra, Xena ep 21 Is There a Doctor in the House? (Broken Leg Woman)
Various extra stints on Xena and Hercules.(1995-1996)
(1998) Student directed advertisement, Christchurch Polytechnic.
As a child, various radio ads for Christchurch and Dunedin NZ radio.

Specialised skills:

Rapier and Dagger stage combat, Unarmed stage combat,
some ballet and other dance forms.
Experience in Pantomine,

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