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latest remodel, 2001

with Scott Davies and Deborah Dutcher, London

73K image
Concept sketch, 1994

9K image
Original dress, August 1995, to see Phantom in Sydney

7K image
1st remodel, November 1995

9K image
1st remodel, November 1995 with cloak

28K image
2nd remodel, January 1999

40K image
2nd remodel, January 1999

christine's wedding dress

This was my second ever attempt at costume making, the first being the simple dress for my singing competition, which I won for anyone interested.
I had a remnant piece of white microfibre, and a german pattern magazine, with some major alterations to the original pattern, (quite different from the black panne velvet version without alterations)I set about making a bodice in three days.

Materials for:
The original dress:(the base costume)

White microfibe, for the body,
white cotton, for the lining (nb, good for keeping cooler on stage, so long as sweating isn't a problem :0))
White zip, wound up being handstitched, as I do not have a zip foot attatchment.
White duchesse satin, for the bias trim and bow
scrap white lace and heavy lacetrimming.

The 1st remodelling:

The bodice as described above
White lace of aproximately 17cm width, for cuff trim (now on the Blue Dress)
Soft white lace of aproximately 10 cm width, for the applied neckline decoration

The 2nd remodelling:

(As it is currently)
White lace fabric, with scalloped edges, for the new three frill deep cuffs.
Altered by cutting neckline much lower, and tightening the sleeves.

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