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m i c h a e l a   d e   b r u c e
w o m a n

Within this section of my web site I'll be dealing with issues that are not so sweet and wonderful, infact I can be downright bitter or in a deep despair.

But they are all about my experiences as a woman

Where do I begin?
With stating that I'm proud to be a woman? I'm not. I'm proud to be a woman who's still alive after being bounced around by society's demands on me as a woman.
But to be proud of a purely random genetic chance? Well, that's over simplified, there are factors that can definatly sway the outcome of conception, but I had no choice in that part.
I hope people understand the distinction, I am proud, proud of who I am, what created me, and part of that is how others see me as a woman, but not simply because I am a woman.
If I was isolated from all society, any living thing, would I know that I was a woman and therefore differnt from another sex? No. How I'd define myself will be explored in my   t h e   p e r s o n   page
But there are things that as a woman in society I feel, things that have shaped who I am. Below you will find links to my own experiences. I will update them from time to time, depending on my own pregress accepting who I am.

b o d y   i s s u e s
Society puts so much pressure on women to look a certain way at a certain time, and we seem to be gluttons for punishment.
Look at magazine sales for womens magazines when they feature starving actresses on the cover. We seem to relish destoying our ourselves by comparissons with people who are actually very ill.
I do not disclude myself from this sweeping statement, though I do not actually buy magazines, and I'm trying to refrain from commenting on the women themselves. I tend to be shocked at editors and producers using this disease as a publicity stunt.


m e d i c a l
Iron deficient? Is it blamed on being a woman? But surely the cycle is natural?
Not really. Most western women up until the modern age were either lactating or in pregancy. Due to the high rate of infant mortality you tended to try and have as many as possible. Hence less loss of blood.
However, one does wonder where the nourishment for the babies came from.. or was this part of the high mortality rate? Maybe women were equally low in essential vitamins and minerals and the infants missed out on them as a result of this.

m o r e   i s s u e s   t o   c o m e .


p e r f o r m e r     c o s t u m e r     w o m a n     m d b   h o m e

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