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moulin rouge pink diamonds

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Currently I am remaking this outfit. I have recovered the heart, as seen above, the original design can be seen in close up below. I have created boning channels, and recovered the bodice as well.

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I had been wanting to recreate this costume for Halloween 2001, but was too tired and ill to do so. On Dec 29th 2001 at 5pm I was informed that Sky City was going to have a Moulin Rouge themed New year's Eve celebration I immediatly set to making the costume. I knew I would not be able to produce my finest work with such short notice so decided to devote most of the time to making the heart appliques so that when I remake the outfit this does not need to be done again.
The hearts have a plastic foundation, the every useful sheets that the copy is set on in the magazine industry (see my Phoenix outfit to see this used as an outer material), an inner layer of wool blanketing and the outer fabrics of pink shot chiffon and tulle.
The bodice was lined in two layers of calico (when remade this will be used for the boning channels) and the outer layers of pink shot chiffon and tulle.
With such little time, I decided to forgo my plan of shredding fabric to make the 6 boas for the train, and bought 1m of 1.5m wide long pile faux fur, I was going to loosely stuff them with tulle to keep them light but make the tubes rounded like an actual boa, but did not have the time.
I also did not have time to colour the boas to match the bodice. I have since done so, and very successfully too; I used red and white acrylic paints watered down (about a teaspoon of red, a tablespoon of white in 400ml of water) and sprayed onto the fur with an old Spray 'n' Wipe container. I used a fine mist in the lower half, and layered more and more to the top. I now have a more candy pink colour than in the movie, which is fine, as I am cool coloured and this suits me infinately better than flesh pink which is warm coloured.
I was literally sewn into the outfit, and the bodice to my bra, the boas safety pinned higher than I had originally sewn.
The beaded fringe skirt I quickly made from wool with beads threaded, mixed with some gold beaded Christmas tree trim and the beaded section of my hannibal skirt. I lost one strand of beads unfortunatly due to the weight of the glass beads and the motion of the strands hitting my legs as I walked through the crowds.

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