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one of a kind dolls


1995. Fully articulated figure based on Sarah Brightman as Christine Daae. Skirt is fully beaded.

1997. Doll test of my tafetta dress based on the 1882 pattern in Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion II. This is Christine during Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again at the height of her grief.

1995. Experimental Masquerade costume, here because she looks somewhat like Claire Moore who played Christine in London.

1995. Originally a Christmas tree angel, I redressed her in a test of the wedding dress from the show.

1996. La Carlotta in her red ensemble.


1994. First large sculpt. Her hands and feet are packed away. I just have never found the right inspiration to finish her.

1994. I made a mold of the first large sculpt and used it to press this face. I gave her a very silent movie era look. I htink I will dress her insome quasi medieval costume in the style of the early movie years.

1998. Very stongly featured head sculpt inspired by the book Trilby. She seemed to be based very much on Pre Raphaelite ideals.


1994. Pure fantasy inspired by Xena.

1994. 1930s era inspired Egyptian doll. Her eyes are actually a metallic green.

1995. Angel as a present.

Various doll house sized dolls from about 1995-1996. The tiny white haired doll is about 2" tall. Note the middle two are not finished.